I am looking for extraordinary postdocs and extraordinary graduate students (at Yale, any graduate program).


Additional information about postdoc positions will be available soon.


I get a lot of emails about this. Please help me give proper attention to your email:


Postdocs: please write only to postdocs at (my first name).(my last name).name (postdocs (at) the domain for this website). I encourage extraordinary candidates to also apply for a Gibbs Assistant Professor position in Applied Mathematics (posted every year via mathjobs.org ).
See also postdocs ad.


Graduate Students: If you are already a graduate student at Yale, stop by or email me at my university address.

I’m afraid that I cannot admit graduate students directly. Information about applying to the graduate school is available at https://gsas.yale.edu/admission-graduate-school . Most programs would allow you to work with me if you are interested. Please take a look at S&DS, Applied Mathematics, CBB and PEB.


Internships: I am currently unable to hire for summer positions/ internships with or without external funding (with few exceptions). Email to use: hiring at (my first name).(my last name).name (hiring (at) the domain of this website)


Outreach opportunities (yes please): outreach at (my first name).(my last name).name .

I go over all these mailboxes periodically.