Postdoc Positions

I am looking for extraordinary postdocs. I value originality, independence, leadership, collegiality, and genuine passion for science. We have two (not mutually exclusive) open positions available:

  • Postdoc specializing in cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) applications for applicants with experience and professional goals in this area.
  • Data Science theory and application.

For your convenience, you do not have to choose between the two! You can simply apply at: . You can also contact me with any questions at postdocs(at)(my first name).(my last name).name (like this website’s domain).

Candidates who may also qualify for a Gibbs Assistant Professor position (NTT) are encouraged to apply at . You are welcome to apply to both positions. Gibbs Assistant Professor positions are not restricted to candidates with a PhD in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics.

Cryo-EM Specialization

We are looking for postdocs with experience in cryo-EM and in developing scalable research software who are interested in developing algorithms that explore new perspectives on signal processing, Bayesian inference, variational inference and deep learning in cryo-EM (theory and applications).
The successful applicant will lead the development of a new research software platform and the exploration of new ideas. The successful applicant is invited to participate in managing the One World Cryo-EM seminars if they wish.
Relevant experience may include: Collaborative open source software development. Developing software for large scale cryo-EM problems. Collaborating with cryo-EM labs. Experience in signal processing (electrical engineering, applied mathematics). Experience with molecular dynamics, large scale MCMC, variational inference, or deep learning. Experience with JAX or lower layers of PyTorch or Tensorflow.
Apply at:

Data Science and Related Areas

The successful applicant will be involved in cryo-EM-motivated theoretical and algorithmic projects and in other projects.
I am interested in various problems in applied harmonic analysis, the structure of data, deep learning, inference and numerical analysis. Let’s discuss the problems in which we are both interested.
Apply at:

Office Hours For Prospective Postdocs:

Next office hours: December 2nd, at 1pm EST
Password: [type my first name]

Office hours are subject to change. Please check a day before.

Additional Information

The official postdoc application can be found here: . The Gibbs positions can be found here: .

Additional information about what we do can be found here.

Additional information about what we do in cryo-EM can be found here (being updated), and in these recent talks:

You might want to check out:

Research Environment

The science is the most important thing in your postdoc. You can find more information about my interests on my website, and I encourage you to look up additional faculty in your areas of interest at Yale.

We try to create an environment where you can do the best science, and enjoy doing it. Postdocs can be affiliated with the Department of Statistics and Data Science, the Program in Applied Mathematics, and the Institute of Quantitative Biology (QBio), and we encourage postdocs to explore opportunities to interact with these departments and other departments. QBio is a new institute which provides some of the opportunities for interaction. Below, you will find some additional information about some of the physical locations and opportunities in QBIO.

When there is no active pandemic, I tend to spend time at the Department of Statistics and Data Science and at QBio. It’s a short walk along Hillhouse Avenue from one to the other. Statistics and Data Science and Mathematics are moving to the Kline Tower, right next to QBio.

Dana House
24 Hillhouse Ave, Current Home of Statistics and Data Science (one possible physical location)
Hillhouse Ave
Hillhouse Avenue, “The most beautiful street in America” according to Charles Dickens and Mark Twain (or so says wikipedia)
YSB and QBio (another possible physical location)
QBio Labs
The interesting thing about QBio is the mixture of theory and labs (and yes, if you look closely you will see that we write on the doors too)
QBio Work
In the front: work from earlier in the week. Behind it: our common area. Behind it: dry labs. Behind them: wet labs. Above us: our patio.
QBio Common
QBio Common area
There be dragons here (Dinosaurs at the end of the hall. There is a cryo-electron microscope at the other end of the hall)